India / Witness alleges NCB, Gosavi demanded ₹25 cr from SRK to release Aryan, NCB denies

Zoom News : Oct 24, 2021, 05:54 PM
Mumbai: NCB director Sameer Wankhede on Sunday denied independent witness Prabhakar Sail's allegations of signing blank papers in the ongoing Aryan Khan drugs case. The anti-drug agency's statement comes after its independent witness Prabhakar Sail spilt beans on several things including alleged demand of Rs 25 crore to sign blank Panchnama.

However, hours after Sail's allegations, the NCB released a notice stating that zonal director Mr Sameer Wankhede has refuted the allegations.

Here's what the notice reads:

An affidavit by Mr Prabhakar Sail, a witness in crime number 94/2021 of MUMBAI ZONAL UNIT of NCB has come to my notice through social media. In the said affidavit, Mr Prabhakar has given details about his movements and activities on 2nd of October 2021, the day above crime was registered.

As he is a witness in the case and as the case is before the honorable court and sub-judice, he needs to submit his prayer to the Honorable court rather than through social media if he has anything to say. In addition, there are certain vigilance related allegations against certain persons in the affidavit which are based on overhearing by Mr Prabhakar.

Our zonal director, Mumbai Zonal Unit, Mr. Sameer Wankhede has categorically denied these allegations. As some of the contents of the affidavit relate to vigilance matters, I am hereby by forwarding the affidavit to Director General Narcotics Control Bureau and requesting him for further necessary action.

Here's what Prabhakar Sail had claimed:

Signing blank Panchnama

KP Gosavi's aide Prabhakar Sail has alleged that he was made to sign a blank panchnamas by the NCB in the Mumbai cruise drugs case.

Threat to his life

Gosavi has gone missing since the controversy regarding his involvement in the raid. Prabhakar Sail said that he feels a threat to life from Sameer Wankhede as KP Gosavi went missing.

Demand of 25 crore and payoff to Sameer Wankhede

Prabhakar Sali, who claims to be a panch witness, stated in a notarized affidavit that he overheard KP Gosavi and Sam D'Souza say that "you put a bomb of Rs 25 crores, let's settle for Rs 18 crores and give 8 crores to Sameer Wakhende."

Alleged deal with SRK's manager

Prabhakar Sali further stated that he has seen Pooja Dadlani (Shah Rukh Khan's manager) talking to KP Gosavi. He says that later, he was asked by Gosavi to go to a location to collect Rs 50 lakhs cash. He says he collected two bags of cash and delivered to Gosavi.

He then added that when counted, the bag had only Rs 38 lakhs.