Bengaluru / Woman IAS officer criticised for driving bus, BMTC issues clarification

The New Indian Express : Jan 16, 2020, 03:47 PM
BENGALURU: To send a strong message about women empowerment, Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) managing director C Shikha drove a Volvo bus at the Hoskote Volvo driving training centre for a few minutes. 

She told The New Indian Express, “I just wanted to get a feel of public transport and also experience the feeling of driving a Volvo. More women staffers should come forward to drive Volvo buses. I was doing a quality check as we are in the process of procuring these buses.” 

However, the incident brought the IAS officer into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as she was driving a government Volvo bus without a heavy vehicle driving licence. With several media reports criticising her, Shikha said, "Since I was driving in a BMTC driving school, there is no need for a licence." 

Senior advocate Pramila Nesargi, said, “Anyone can justify their case if they are driving without a licence in their own premises, and not on the public road, where it affect people. She can back her case by stating that necessary precautions were taken to prevent accidents,” she said.