Rajasthan News / You are a guest only for a few days...Rajasthan Cabinet Minister Babulal Kharadi received threat

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 04, 2024, 11:05 AM
Rajasthan News: Rajasthan Cabinet Minister Babulal Kharadi received death threats on social media. Actually, Minister Babulal Kharadi received death threats in the comments of social media Instagram. The minister was accused of forcibly converting tribals into Hindus. A cabinet minister in Rajasthan has once again received death threats. This threat was found in the comments on Instagram. Let us tell you, after becoming a cabinet minister, Kharadi has received threat for the second time on social media. However, for the first time, the police had even detained a minor in connection with the threat.

Threat received on Instagram

Rajasthan government's tribal minister and Jhadol MLA Babulal Kharadi was threatened by a miscreant while commenting on Instagram. When Kharadi's son Devendra saw the comment on Friday, he informed his father Kharadi. After which Kharadi registered a case in Jhadol police station and also informed SP and IG. The threatening post was posted on Instagram by a young man named 'Tribal Raja 007'.

What threat did you receive

It was written in the threatening post - Politics will continue on one side, but you Babulal Kharadi, improve in time and if you don't improve, then you are a guest for a few days. Will be put to death without any mercy. The consequences of the poison you have sown against the tribals will be in front of you. He is forcibly converting the tribals into Hindu religion. Move away from that issue as soon as possible… otherwise you will become dear to Lord Ram. Tribal does not believe in Hindu religion. Tribals are nature worshippers, their culture is different from Hindu religion. If you want to do politics, don't do it in the name of religion. Your result will come before the results of Lok Sabha elections.

After receiving the threat, Babulal Kharadi said that his son informed him and then he informed the police. Kharadi said that he is a simple man and does his work honestly, he does not recognize who is threatening him.