Uttar Pradesh / 25 people raped a teenager in Lalitpur SP BSP leaders also included in the accused

Zoom News : Oct 13, 2021, 06:31 AM
Uttar Pradesh | A sensational case has come to light in Lalitpur. The minor teenager has filed a rape case against 25 people including her father, several relatives, eminent personalities. Notable people include district presidents of SP and BSP. There was a stir as soon as the FIR was lodged by the 17-year-old girl who reached Lalitpur Kotwali with her mother on Tuesday. It is alleged that the accused have been raping her for the last five years. The girl has been given police protection and further investigation will be done after the medical report comes.

The girl alleges that the father is making her do dirty work by keeping the mother intoxicated for five years. Threatens to kill the mother if she opens her mouth. The teenager has also filed a case against five female relatives for hatching a conspiracy. On the other hand, the district president of SP and BSP says that this is a conspiracy to defame them.

Father committed misdeed by giving mother anesthetic medicine

According to the FIR, at the age of 12, when she was a student of class 6, for the first time, her father raped her by taking her to the field on the pretext and threatened to kill the mother if she opened her mouth. After this, the father made his mother unconscious by giving him drugs and kept harassing her. After a few days, the father came to pick him up from school and on the way took him to a hotel on the pretext of feeding him with water. Here he was handed over to a woman who took him to the hotel room. After some time a man reached there, in the meantime she fainted.

The woman left him at home. On regaining consciousness, it came to know that she had been raped. When her father protested, he threatened to kill her, then she got scared. After this, the father started taking him from school to hotels every day. Where different people kept raping her. She told that whenever she reached back home, her mother always found herself unconscious. According to the teenager, the father also handed her over to SP District President Tilak Yadav and BSP District President Deepak Ahirwar.

Many relatives also accused

Apart from all this, his middle aunt, aunt's boys, three uncles, tau's boys and other relatives also raped him. Apart from the relatives on the complaint of the teenager, the police had raped and raped a total of 25 people including Raju Yadav, Mahendra Yadav, Arvind Yadav, Prabodh Tiwari, Sonu Samaiah, Rajesh Jain Jhojia, Mahendra Dubey, Neeraj Tiwari, Mahendra Singhai, Komalkant Singhai and three unidentified persons. A case has been registered under POCSO Act and investigation has been started. According to SP Nikhil Pathak, a case has been registered on the complaint of the teenager. His statement will be made today. After the medical report comes, the police will investigate and action will be taken against whoever is guilty.