Special / A person used to earn Rs 216 in a day created a company with 10 crore turnover

Zoom News : Sep 26, 2021, 10:43 AM
It is said that if you have courage, then what can not happen, if you work hard then everything changes. All this has been proved by a man named Krunal Rayani. Krunal Rayani who hails from Gujarat. Kunal once used to do a job of only ₹ 6500, and today his company does a turnover of up to ₹ 10 crores annually.

Let us tell you that Krunal Rayani's father used to work as a worker in a diamond factory. In 2015, after studying engineering, Krunal Raiyani started working in marketing for ₹ 6500. From this job, he got the experience of how to do business. Krunal Rayani did not have money nor did he expect to get financial help. Kunal had sought help from his maternal uncle to start the business and started his own e-commerce website in 2015 with ₹ 200000.

Online business has reached ₹ 10 in just 6 years i.e. 2021. He was very young when he started the business, so no one was ready to do business with him. When Kunal started the company, there were only 4 employees in his company, one of which was him and the other was his maternal uncle.

Let us tell you that at present 110 employees work in Kunal's company. Not only this, till now Kunal has also given training to more than 100 needy people in his factory, and that too absolutely free. At present, Kunal has ware houses in many states of the country and he also does business abroad.