Maharashtra / A teacher dies in Mumbai after getting stuck in a lift in the school follow this caution

Zoom News : Sep 17, 2022, 10:38 PM
Mumbai : A shocking incident came to light in Mumbai on Friday. Where, a 26-year-old teacher died due to being stuck in the lift. Due to the information received from the police, the teacher was trapped in the lift of the school, after which she died. The incident took place at St. Mary's English High School in Chincholi Bunder in north Mumbai suburb of Malad.

Police said Janelle Fernandes was waiting for the lift on the sixth floor to go to the staff room on the second floor at around 1 pm. His doors are closed as he enters the elevator. Because of which Janelle got stuck in the lift itself. Until someone guessed that Janelle was badly injured.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. "During the preliminary investigation, we have registered an accidental death report," the police officer said. If any discrepancy is noticed during the investigation, action will be taken accordingly. There have been many incidents of injury and death by getting stuck in the lift. In such a situation, if you go to and from the lift, then you should take care of many types of precautions.

Take these precautions while using the lift-

Never be in a hurry while climbing the lift. Try to climb the lift properly, only after that press the button to close the door. Most of the lifts have automatic door closing system, so the chances of getting stuck increases. However, for this also safety equipment is installed in the lift.

- The capacity of the lift is as many people as can be in it. If you feel that the number of people in the lift is exceeding its capacity, it is giving the indicator, then it is better to get down from it.

If for some reason the bus gets stuck in the lift, then there is no need to panic. There is a provision for that too. It has an emergency alarm button, press it and call the given helpline number.

Sometimes the elevator starts going down suddenly. In such a situation, you stand in any corner of it. However, you may feel tremors during this time. If you understand something to hold in the lift, then hold it tightly.

The problem of power outage after boarding the lift is very common. So if the power goes out, don't panic. After the generator is started, the lift will start again and the power supply will also be started. In times like these, your patience comes in handy.