Lok Sabha Election / 'After Chandrayaan, the countrymen will also see the success of Gaganyaan in the next government'- PM Modi

Zoom News : Apr 20, 2024, 05:35 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Prime Minister Modi, while addressing the public meeting in Parbhani, said that the mission of this election is to make India the third largest economic power. He said that in the previous government we have seen the success of Chandrayaan but now in the next government 140 crore countrymen will also see the success of Gaganyaan. Prime Minister Modi said that this is the first such election in the country when the countrymen are seeing examples of self-reliance, from the army to the medicines of the Corona period.

Prime Minister Modi said that in just ten years the country has covered a long distance in development. He said that in 2014, when I was contesting the Lok Sabha elections for the first time, there used to be news of terrorist attacks and bomb blasts in the media every day, but from 2019 itself, the infiltration of terrorism from across the border started ending. With this the discussion about surgical strike started in the country.

The country is proud of the surgical strike

During this, Prime Minister Modi also said that there would hardly be any person in the country who would not be proud of the surgical strike. He said that Parbhani is the land of heroes and saints, the support of the people of Parbhani is no less than the blessings of God. The land of Parbhani is the land of Saibaba. Seeing the enthusiasm of the huge crowd, he said that your penance will not be allowed to go in vain.

Congress also attacked in Nanded

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Nanded, Maharashtra. Here he raised the issue of development of Vidarbha and Marathwada and strongly attacked Congress. The Prime Minister said that Congress has worked to stop the development of Maharashtra and especially Vidarbha and Marathwada for decades.

He attacked the Congress and said that due to the attitude of the Congress, the farmers here kept becoming poor and the possibilities related to industries kept getting destroyed. He alleged that due to the policies of Congress, lakhs of youth had to migrate from here.

Guarantee of fulfillment of guarantee also- Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that whatever guarantees our government gives, it fulfills them. He said that we gave a guarantee to remove Article 370 from Kashmir, and we fulfilled it. We gave a guarantee of ending triple talaq and demonstrated it, now we guarantee to make India the third largest economy in the world, and we will demonstrate it as well.