Painful / After getting a sore throat examined, the husband got cancer, then the couple took this dreadful step

Zoom News : May 01, 2022, 01:25 PM
The couple committed suicide by hanging from a fan in Sector-22 in Noida, adjoining Delhi on Friday night. Sector-24 police station in-charge said that originally Arun Singh (31) resident of Sonbhadra district lived on rent in Sector-22 with wife Shashi Kala (29). Arun was a technician in a company in Sector-62.

Arun was troubled by the problem of sore throat for a long time. A few days ago, on the advice of the doctor, he got all the tests done, in which the final stage of cancer was detected. Since then the couple was under stress. Both committed suicide by hanging.

Police have recovered a suicide note from the spot, in which both have not held anyone responsible for the death. Both were married about three years ago. Arun lived in Sector 22 of Noida for the last several years.

Actually, after the problem of sore throat, Arun got the test done. Arun's medical report came on 25 April. It was found in the report that Arun has cancer. This cancer is in the last stage. Due to this the couple went under stress. The badly broken husband and wife decided to take the dreaded step.

On April 29, the couple committed suicide by hanging

On 29 April, both committed suicide by hanging. This whole incident happened in four. Police said that Arun's family members had called. Even after calling several times, the phone did not pick up. On this, the relatives called his colleagues in Arun's company. He told that Arun did not come to work. The relatives informed the police from Sonbhadra itself. As soon as the information was received, the police reached their given address.

Dead bodies of husband and wife were hanging in the room

Here the door of the room was closed from inside. When the police opened the door somehow, the bodies of husband and wife were hanging in the room. Police also found a suicide note from the spot. In this, the woman wrote that her husband has last stage cancer. Because of this, both are giving their lives.