Entertainment / After marriage, vermilion was not shown in Disha Parmar's demand, if the fan asked, then there was an argument with Rahul in the live video

Zoom News : Jul 28, 2021, 05:41 PM
New Delhi: Bigg Boss Fame Singer Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) tied up in marriage bond with your Long Time Girlfriends Direction Parmar (Disha Parmar). The photographs of the two were very viral on social media. Even after marriage, both celebrities are quite active on social media and they are sharing some photographs or live videos for the fans.

Direction without vermilion

Recently both did a live video on Instagram, in which direction (Disha Parmar) and Rahul (Rahul Vaidya) appeared together. Although there was something in this video which was hardly expected by the fans. In fact, in a live video, a fan asked Parmar (Parmar) that he has not imposed vermilion in demand. On this direction put on Rahul and then both of them argue on this matter.

Live video debate

Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) asked the direction Parmar (Disha Parmar), why he has not put vermilion. The direction (Disha) on it put on Rahul (Rahul) and said that he did not have it. The direction said that in Bigg Boss), Rahul had said that he will put me vermilion every day. Rahul asked who had said this? On this direction, he joked and said that I said. I was not in Big Boss.

Rahul's face

Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) again talked that Baby many times I am busy, then you put it from yourself. After this, Rahul said while speaking the dialogue of 'Om Shanti Om' (OM Shanti OM), said that the price of a pinch vermilion is what you know Chundi Babu. Even after this, both live video remained, but both of them appeared to be landed for a while. Obviously, there was no answer to both of them in this syntax.