Israel-Palestine War / Air India's big decision amid Israel-Palestine war, flights canceled till October 14

Vikrant Shekhawat : Oct 08, 2023, 05:43 PM
Israel-Palestine War: The war between Israel and Palestine has started. Many people have died so far in this war. Meanwhile, Indian airline Air India has canceled its flights from Israel. Air India spokesperson said in this regard that for the safety of our passengers and crew, flights from Tel Aviv will remain canceled till October 14. During this period, all possible help will be provided to those people who had booked tickets. Let us tell you that every day 5 flights fly between Tel Aviv and India. Earlier on Saturday, when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and then Israel started retaliating, Air India had canceled its flights AI 189 and 140.

Hamas's cowardly attack on Israel

Between 6 am and 6:30 am on October 7, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel and fired 5 thousand rockets. During this time, Hamas terrorists took many people hostage and killed many people. During this time, men, women and children were all mistreated, after which Israel started retaliating and started attacking Hamas positions and the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Hamas people have also been killed in these attacks. According to the information, about 300 people have died in Israel. And 1590 people have been injured.

How many people have died so far?

In Gaza, more than 230 people have died so far and 1790 people have been injured. Palestine's Health Ministry in Gaza said that 256 Palestinian civilians have died in the last 24 hours, including 20 children. Apart from this, 1788 Palestinian civilians have been injured. Let us tell you that after the Hamas attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the enemies will have to pay a heavy price for this. According to the Israeli army, Hamas had infiltrated from 7 places through air and sea border. Now the Israeli army wants to take control of Gaza Strip. They have set a limit of 12 hours for this.