Pakistan-America News / America exposes Pakistan's ballistic missile program, warns

Zoom News : Apr 24, 2024, 08:10 AM
Pakistan-America News: Pakistan's ballistic missile program has suffered a major setback. America has imposed sanctions on three Chinese and one Belarusian companies for helping in the preparation of Pakistan's missile program. In the matter of missile program ban, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said that these institutions were proliferators of weapons of mass destruction and means of their distribution, hence they have been banned.

America warned

Vedant Patel said that we will continue to take action against proliferation networks and the purchase of weapons of mass destruction. He said that I warn all those who are considering a business deal with Iran. They all need to prepare for future sanctions and action.

Supplied ballistic missile parts

It is noteworthy that America had recently banned three Chinese companies and one Belarusian company. These companies were banned for providing ballistic missile parts to Pakistan. US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller had given information about this. The three Chinese companies that the US has banned include Longday Technology Development Key Xi, Tianjin Creative Source International Trade and Granpect Company Limited. Apart from China, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Company of Belarus has also been banned. Matthew Miller had said that these companies have been found involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Due to which action has been taken against them.

Also know

On behalf of the US State Department, it was said that the Chinese company Granpect Company Limited was providing filament winding machines to the National Development Complex, a long-range ballistic missile manufacturing body in Pakistan. This machine was being used in rocket motor. A Chinese company, Tianjin Creative Source International Trade Company Limited, was found involved in supplying welding related tools and accelerator systems to Pakistan. The Tianjin Company has also been found to have links with the Chinese military. Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Company, a Belarusian company, was providing special vehicle chassis for Pakistan's ballistic missile program. This chassis is effective in launch support of ballistic missiles.