US Military Aircraft / American fighter jet crashes amid war, 5 killed in the accident - someone targeted?

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 13, 2023, 04:30 PM
US Military Aircraft: There is a fierce war going on between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza Strip. America has also jumped into this fight. Amidst the conflict in Gaza, American war fleet has already reached the Middle East. America has attacked terrorist targets in Iran and Syria. Meanwhile, news is coming that an American military plane has fallen on the ground. It is not yet known from where the plane was taking off and why this accident occurred. The reasons for this are being investigated. The US European Command (EUCOM) said on Saturday that a US military plane crashed during training in the eastern Mediterranean. However, EUCOM did not specify the type of aircraft or where it was flying from. According to CNN report, the reasons for this incident are being investigated. There is news of death of 5 people in this accident.

Made this big claim on the crash of a military plane

However, even before the incident, the US had deployed warships in the area in an effort to prevent the Israel-Hamas war from turning into a regional conflict. EUCOM said in a statement that 'On the evening of November 10, a US military aircraft conducting training operations in the eastern Mediterranean crashed and went down.' The statement further said that 'We can say with certainty The aircraft's flight was entirely training related and there is no indication of hostile activity. The cause of the training incident is currently being investigated.

The situation regarding the accident is not completely clear

EUCOM further said in the statement that out of respect for the affected families, no further information about the personnel involved could be released. It was not immediately clear which military service the plane belonged to. The Air Force has sent additional squadrons to the area and the USS Gerald R. The Ford aircraft carrier, which has several aircraft on board, is also operating in the eastern Mediterranean. Let us tell you that after Hamas launched a cross-border attack from Gaza on October 7, Washington provided military assistance to Israel and increased its forces in the area. This included aircraft carriers and other warships.

America attacked terrorist targets

On the other hand, Israel has been continuously attacking Gaza Strip for more than a month. Meanwhile, there is news that America has taken major action against terrorist bases in Syria and Iran. Although he has done this twice before also. But this time this action is concrete. Giving information, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said, in response to the attacks on American personnel, two targets linked to Iran were attacked in Syria on Sunday. Terrorists from Syria to Iran are not liking America's presence in the Middle East. Therefore, American personnel have also been under attack in recent times. In response to this, America has launched a strong attack.