BBC Raid / America's big statement regarding income tax survey at BBC office, know what it said about India?

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 15, 2023, 05:46 PM
BBC Raid: America has issued a big statement amidst the 'survey campaign' of the Income Tax Department against 'British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) India'. This Income Tax survey is being presented against the BBC documentary on PM Modi and Gujarat riots. This America has said that it cannot say so. But he supports the importance of universal rights to freedom of the press, freedom of expression and religious freedom. The US has not supported the question of considering India's income tax survey as an act of revenge on the BBC.

America's big statement

The US has said it always supports freedom of the press, which is the "foundation of democracy" around the world, including in India. US State Department spokesperson Ned Price made the statement a day after the Income Tax Department launched a 'survey operation' at the BBC's offices in Delhi and Mumbai and two other related locations as part of a probe into alleged tax evasion. The campaign continued for the second day on Wednesday as well. "We are aware of searches by Indian tax authorities at BBC offices in Delhi," Price told reporters here. You should approach the Indian authorities for information in this regard. “We support the importance of a free press around the world,” Price said. We emphasize the importance of freedom of expression and freedom of religion and belief as human rights that contribute to the strengthening of democracies around the world. It has strengthened democracy here in this country. It has strengthened the democracy of India.

Income Tax Department said that the notice was given earlier, action was taken for not responding

Price said that these universal rights are the basis of democracies around the world. Asked whether the move was against the spirit or values of democracy, Price said, "I can't say that. We are aware of the facts of this search (survey operation), but I am not in a position to pass any judgement." Weeks after the BBC aired a two-part documentary 'India: The Modi Question', the Income Tax Department Surprise action happened.

Tax officials said the survey was carried out to investigate issues related to international taxation and "transfer pricing" of BBC subsidiaries. He alleged that notices were given to BBC in the past but it did not pay heed and comply and diverted a significant portion of its profits. Under the 'survey drive', the Income Tax Department conducts searches only at the business premises of the company and does not raid the residences and other places of its promoters or directors.