Lok Sabha Election / Amit Shah targeted Uddhav's army, NCP and Congress, know what he said

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 10:40 AM
Lok Sabha Election: Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah tauntedly said that the 'fake' Shiv Sena led by Uddhav Thackeray, the 'fake' NCP led by Sharad Pawar and the half-hearted Congress party are hampering the development of Maharashtra. Not in a position to accelerate. This is possible only under the BJP-led NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, "There are three parties against us in Maharashtra. One is fake Shiv Sena, second is fake NCP and third is half-baked Congress. There is a saying in Gujarat - 'Teen Tigra Kaam Badha'. When three become one then the work gets spoiled. That's why Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Sena party has halved, Sharad Pawar-led NCP has also halved."

Alliance will break due to mutual differences: Shah

Amit Shah said, "These two have halved the Congress. Can these parties do any good to Maharashtra? No. They are an autorickshaw, which has three wheels, but the gearbox is from Fiat, the second engine is from Mercedes. Rickshaw has no direction. Let the elections be held once, this alliance will break due to mutual differences. On the other hand, we all are fighting unitedly under the leadership of PM Modi.'' Home Minister told workers party candidate from Nanded Pratap Patil called for Chikhlikar to win by a record margin and said that the vote for Chikhlikar is important to make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time.

Sharad Pawar did nothing for the development of the state-Shah

He also targeted Sharad Pawar, claiming that during his 10-year tenure as a minister in the UPA government, he did nothing to promote the development of the state compared to the Modi government in the last 10 years. He said, "During Pawar's 10-year ministerial tenure, Maharashtra received only Rs 1,51,000 crore as against a record Rs 7.15 lakh crore in the previous 10 years. The state received Rs 3,90,000 crore for infrastructure development, national highways There is a provision of Rs 75,000 crore for railways, Rs 4,000 crore for airports and Rs 1 lakh crore for special infrastructure projects.

Modi government promoted overall development of the country-Shah

Amit Shah also said that the Narendra Modi-led government during its 10-year rule has promoted not only the development of Maharashtra but the overall development of the country. He said the Modi-led government changed the name of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar and Osmanabad to Dharashiv, which was opposed by Sharad Pawar. He said, "Balasaheb Thackeray was in favor of changing the names of Aurangabad and Osmanabad. But after changing their names, there was no smile on the face of Uddhav Thackeray." The Home Minister said that the Congress President says that the Kashmir issue has nothing to do with Maharashtra and Rajasthan. He also asked the gathering whether Article 370 should have been abrogated or not, to which the crowd replied in the affirmative.