Special / Asha rani from india creates guinness world record pull truck from hair

Zoom News : Jan 04, 2022, 04:12 PM
Special | A recent video shared on the official Instagram page of Guinness Book of World Records shows an Indian woman pulling a double-decker bus by her hair. Not only this, the woman showed such an enchantment in front of hundreds of people that everyone was forced to stand up and clap. This woman entered her name in the Guinness Book of World Records in golden letters.

Actually, the name of this woman is Asha Rani. The Guinness Book of World Records has shared this old video on its official Instagram page. India's Asha Rani did this performance in Milan, Italy in 2016. The caption of this throwback video read that the heaviest (12,216 kg) vehicle pulled by hair by Asha Rani. In the video, Asha Rani is seen pulling it with the braids of her hair.

During this, a large podium is visible and a 12,216 kg double decker bus is tightly tied to the top of Asha. Asha carefully pulls the bus and gets emotional after recording her name. Thereafter she was revered as the 'Iron Queen' and her name was recorded in the largest book of records from the world.

However, according to a blog shared by Guinness World Records, Asha had achieved this feat in the year 2016. Asha has so far created seven Guinness World Records for her unique weightlifting skills. At present, this old video of Asha Rani is becoming very viral and people are also sharing it a lot. Watch video here..