Country / Ashish Mishra was seen sitting in Thar the truth came out from the CCTV footage

Zoom News : Oct 11, 2021, 01:30 PM
Ashish Mishra, who had pleaded himself not to be at the scene after holding a press conference till yesterday, was finally sent to jail by the police on Saturday, confirming that he was present on the spot at the time of the Tikunia incident. He was interrogated for 12 hours at the Crime Branch office before his arrest. During this, Ashish had also made available the arguments, affidavits and videos of his stay in Banveerpur to the investigation team. The negative marking of Ashish had started after he did not appear despite the notice being pasted at the house on Friday. After twelve hours of interrogation on Saturday, the monitoring committee reached the decision that he should be arrested. Conflict came to the fore for not coming for questioning on Friday. Sometimes there was no information and sometimes it was argued that the health was bad. While the SIT seemed to be concentrating only on Ashish's presence at the time of the incident, Ashish kept on presenting only the affidavits he took with him as concrete evidence.

In the affidavits, the villagers had confirmed that Ashish was in Banveerpur at the time of the incident. At the same time, the closing time of the ongoing Dangal program in Banveerpur was from 2 pm to 2.30 pm. The riot, which had stopped after half an hour of the incident, was restarted and ended at 3.30 pm.

It was given negative marking by 'SIT'. Although Ashish himself also admitted that he had left the venue around two o'clock during the Dangal program, later returned again.

Explaining the reason for leaving Dangal, Ashish had said that he had gone to check the quality of the food served during the deputy CM's arrival, which was not his job as per the protocol. Therefore, this argument of Ashish was not accepted by the SIT.

There was the right way to answer the questions. Sometimes the complicated answers to the questions and sometimes the silence and the mostly evasive answers started to test the patience of the interrogation team.

The answers to the question when matched with other points yield conflicting answers. The people on whose behalf it was being said that Ashish was living in the village while giving the affidavit, also did not meet the criteria of 'SIT'.

Apart from this, the video clip of a CCTV installed in Banveerpur itself was completed, in which the footage of Ashish Mishra Monu was seen sitting in the Thar car and leaving. After watching in DVR, 'SIT' started removing the curtain from reality, then Ashish Mishra could not answer.

Ashish kept wandering even after a long time

The negative marking of Ashish Mishra gave good indications to the investigation team amid preparations to be taken into custody and arrested and sent to jail after interrogation that lasted for about 12 hours.

Focusing on these, the Investigator and Crime Branch Inspector Vidyaram Diwakar, while applying for police custody remand, pleaded with the court that instead of answering questions and answering questions during the 12-hour-long interrogation, evasive answers to the questions. The interrogation is not being completed due to silence and apart from trying to escape by giving wrong and false information and misleading the investigation team by saying unrestrained things.

The interrogation is necessary due to non-cooperation in the work of the investigation team, etc., for which the police custody of 14 days is sought. The investigation team argued that who else was in the Thar car. Whose role is it? A comprehensive inquiry is necessary for the things related to conspiracy and conspiracy etc. to come out.

CO also stressed on police custody

CO Sanjay Nath Tiwari, after being satisfied with the application of Crime Branch in-charge and investigator Vidyaram Diwakar, himself forwarded the application of the investigator, praying to the court that accused Ashish is expected to open many aspects of the whole case, but he is the police. Not cooperating with the investigation. The answer is equivocal. Is not telling the right thing, which necessitates long intensive questioning and cross checking of their findings. For this the police should get the custody of 14 days.

A 14-day custody remand application was given on behalf of the investigator, underlining things like coming the next day despite giving notice, not answering the questions properly, repeatedly keeping silence on the questions of the police, etc. has been filed in court. On this, the court has fixed Monday for taking a decision on the application, giving time to file reply on the police's custody remand application.