Country / Be careful who build ramps outside the house

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2021, 11:38 AM
Be careful building ramps outside the house. The Municipal Corporation has started the process of making the streets encroachment free by breaking the ramp. On Tuesday, the municipal corporation broke the ramps built outside more than 100 houses amid protests by the people. The help of the local police was taken to clear the protesting people. Corporation officials say that this action will continue continuously.

Actually, people have built a ramp outside the house as well as a platform. The streets have become narrow due to these platforms built to make the house attractive, to do indoors through its two-wheeler ramp and to sit outside the house in the evening. This made it difficult for even a single car to pass through the streets. The Municipal Corporation has considered it in the category of encroachment. Demolition action has been taken in the city on Tuesday to make the streets encroachment-free.

JE Amit Kumar of Municipal Corporation said that on Tuesday, ramps and platforms outside houses in Gandhi Nagar, Shivaji Nagar and Om Nagar have been demolished. When it was started from Gandhi Nagar, people opposed it. Local police were called to the spot after which the police removed the protesting people from the spot. People protested fiercely in Shivaji Nagar area. He said that when the police started detaining the protesting people, the people backed out.

He told that the action taken in Gandhi Nagar was done after the complaint. When the team started action here, it was found that people have made ramps in the entire street and more than half the street has been closed. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the vehicles to pass. Taking this action forward, ramps and platforms of more than 100 houses have been demolished in Shivaji Nagar, Om Nagar along with street number 6. This action will continue.