Panchayat Election / Bengal burnt in violence, BJP will rein Mamta through section 355 and 356!

Zoom News : Jul 09, 2023, 07:01 AM
Panchayat Election: West Bengal is burning in the fire of violence. During the panchayat elections, 17 people died and many were injured in the violence that broke out at different places in the state. Maximum violence has taken place in Murshidabad. The bloody game is going on here since Friday night. There is a political ruckus in the state regarding the violence. Political parties are accusing each other.

BJP has demanded imposition of Section-355 and 356 in the state. Leader of Opposition in the state assembly, Shubhendu Adhikari, President's rule should be imposed in West Bengal. The BJP leader said that it is very difficult to conduct free and fair elections under the state government. This is possible only when President's rule is imposed in the state or Article 355 is used.

He said that the situation in Bengal is worse than Manipur at this time. In such a situation, let us tell you what is section 355 and 356 and under what circumstances it is used.

What is section 355 and 356?

Explain that under section 355, the central government has the right to take necessary steps to ensure the police system, deployment of the army and security of the state. After its implementation, the responsibility of the security of the state and the implementation of the constitution there becomes that of the central government. At the same time, President's rule can be imposed in a state under Article 356 of the Constitution.

What did the governor say on the violence

On Bengal violence, West Bengal Governor Dr. CV Anand Bose has said that what I saw in the Panchayat elections today is very disturbing. Only the poor get killed. Why was the leader not there? There is only violence, killings and an atmosphere of fear. The general public only wants peace.