Pawan singh News / Big action against BJP's Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh, expelled from the party

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 22, 2024, 11:18 AM
Pawan Singh News: Bhojpuri actor and singer Pawan Singh has been expelled from the party by BJP. Pawan Singh is contesting as an independent candidate from Karakat Lok Sabha seat. Upendra Kushwaha is in the fray as NDA candidate in Karakat. Pawan Singh was asked several times to distance himself from the Karakat election contest, but he did not change his decision, after which BJP expelled him from the party.

In the letter issued by Bihar BJP headquarters in-charge Arvind Sharma, it has been said that Pawan Singh is contesting against the official candidate of NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. This decision is completely anti-party. The image of the party is being tarnished by this decision. By contesting the elections, Pawan Singh has acted against the discipline of the party. Therefore, you are being expelled from the party on the orders of the Honorable State President for this anti-party work.

BJP had announced to make Pawan Singh its candidate from Asansol in West Bengal in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The very next day after this announcement, Pawan voluntarily returned the BJP ticket. After this, Pawan Singh decided to contest as an independent candidate from Karakat Lok Sabha seat in Bihar.

What did BJP say?

BJP issued a letter saying, 'You are contesting against the authorized candidate of NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. This work of yours is anti-party. Due to which the image of the party has been tarnished and you have done this against party discipline. Therefore, for this anti-party act, you are expelled from the party as per the orders of the Honorable State President.

Pawan Singh is continuously busy campaigning in Karakat. To ensure that Pawan Singh's nomination as an independent candidate is not cancelled, he along with himself had also nominated his mother Pratima Devi from Karakat seat. However, after both the nominations were found correct, Pawan Singh's mother withdrew the nomination.

On the Karakat Lok Sabha seat, Pawan Singh is facing former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha as the NDA candidate and CPI (ML) candidate Rajaram Singh Kushwaha from the India Alliance. Apart from this, candidates of AIMIM and BSP are also trying their best.