Entertainment / Bigg Boss fame Vikas Gupta romance with Chetna pandey, intimate video viral

Zoom News : Oct 31, 2021, 09:52 PM
Entertainment | There are discussions about the contestant mastermind of 'Bigg Boss 14' and 'Bigg Boss 11' Vikas Gupta. Instead of any good reason, they remain in the discussion because of controversies. Vikas Gupta is the 'controversy king' of the TV industry. Now a video of Vikas is becoming increasingly viral. Vikas is seen with a girl in this video. In such a situation, these questions are being asked, who is this girl?

vikas gupta video viral

In the romantic video of Vikas Gupta going viral, he is seen with Chetna Pandey. Vikas is seen sitting behind consciousness. Let me tell you, Chetna Pandey is a TV industry actress. Chetna and Vikas Gupta are very close friends and in such a situation, Vikas often posts videos and pictures with them. In this video, both are seen to be quite cozy. Sharing the video with Chetna Pandey, Vikas wrote in the caption, 'Go ahead for the one you love.'

Romantic with Chetna Pandey

Remind me, a long time ago there were reports of Vikas Gupta and Chetna Pandey's affair, on which both of them made it clear that both are good friends. By the way, Vikas Gupta often remains in the discussion about his personal life. Even in the house of 'Bigg Boss', he made many revelations related to his life. Even after coming out of the house, he keeps telling about life with impunity.

Relationship with Pratyusha

Let us tell you, Vikas Gupta told the truth of the relationship with actress Pratyusha Banerjee in an interview given to 'E-Times'. Vikas had told that he has been in a relationship with two girls, one of whom was Pratyusha Banerjee. After this, when the actor was asked whether Pratyusha knew about your being bisexual? To this, he said, 'Pratyusha came to know about this after our breakup. We were together for a short time. Some people had spoken ill of Pratyusha about me, but I don't want to go into details as she is no more.

family did not adopt

Vikas Gupta had claimed that it was because of his bisexuality that his mother and brother did not adopt him. Vikas said, 'He should be asked why he has left. Anyway, I have tried to keep my family away from a large part of my life. Because I have realized that you love some people a lot, but you do not get that love back. Keep giving love and if you cannot get it back, then the person becomes empty. It is not that we are not in each other's contact. Till a few days ago, my parents were living in this house of mine, from where I am talking to you.