Rajasthan Politics / BJP candidates filed nomination for Rajya Sabha elections - Vasundhara and Rathore seen together

Zoom News : Feb 15, 2024, 02:15 PM
Rajasthan Politics: Today is the last day of nomination for Rajya Sabha elections. BJP candidates Madan Rathod and Chunnilal Garasia have filed nominations in the Assembly today. During this period, 40 MLAs including BJP's National Vice President and former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and CM Bhajanlal Sharma became its proponents. Two nomination forms each were filled for both the candidates. 10 MLAs were proposers in one nomination form. In such a situation, 40 MLAs became proponents in 4 forms. It is noteworthy that elections are being held on three Rajya Sabha seats in the state. In which, based on the number of MLAs, BJP is certain to win 2 seats and Congress will win 1 seat.

After the nomination, BJP leader Rajendra Rathod said- Even though we had surplus votes, we did not field the third candidate. Because horse trading is the nature of Congress. Rathore said- Our candidates are grassroots, work on the ground. Congress candidate is imported.

BJP has announced two candidates for the elections. At the same time, Sonia Gandhi has filed nomination on one seat from Congress. BJP is not fielding a third candidate and Congress is not fielding a second candidate. In such a situation, victory of all three candidates is certain.

BJP had announced the candidates on Monday night.

BJP had announced two candidates from Rajasthan on Monday night regarding the Rajya Sabha elections. Madan Rathod and Chunnilal Garasia have been made candidates. BJP has tried to woo the OBC and tribal voters of the state. Madan Rathod comes from Sumerpur in Pali district. He is a prominent OBC face from Godwad. At the same time, by making Chunnilal Garasia its candidate, BJP has made an effort to woo the tribal voters. Chunnilal Garasia has a good hold among the tribal voters.

CM Bhajanlal Sharma and State President CP Joshi had congratulated and congratulated both the Rajya Sabha candidates of BJP. CM Bhajanlal Sharma had written on

Which formula will determine victory and defeat?

The members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the MLAs. Under the election formula, the total number of MLAs is divided by adding 1 to the vacant seats of Rajya Sabha. For example, there are 200 MLAs in Rajasthan and 3 seats in Rajya Sabha are vacant. In such a situation, on dividing 200 by 3+1(=4), the number comes to 50. By adding one to it it becomes 51. In this way each candidate needs 51 votes to win.

10 Rajya Sabha MPs are elected from Rajasthan. Currently, 6 seats are held by Congress MPs and 3 by BJP MPs. One seat is going vacant.

Results will be declared only on 27th

According to the notification, scrutiny will take place on February 16, the next day after filing of nominations till February 15. After this the picture of the candidates will become clear. Voting will take place on February 27 from 9 am to 4 pm. Then the counting of votes will take place at 5 pm on 27th February and the result will be declared.