UNDERWEAR CRISIS / Britain facing knicker shortage as pants and PJ crisis to begin in run up to Christmas

Zoom News : Oct 08, 2021, 08:36 PM
London: Ahead of Christmas, there has been a severe shortage of underwear in the United Kingdom (UK). The situation is that due to lack of stock, the shopkeepers are selling the remaining goods at three to four times the price. That is, the price of underwear available for 100 rupees has now become about 400 rupees. This inflation is directly affecting the pockets of the people, however, the compulsion is such that people are buying them at expensive prices.

What is the reason behind inflation?

The reason behind the rise in inflation in Britain is bad weather, which has caused heavy damage to the cotton crop this time. Due to this there has been a shortage of cotton in the market, and its price has broken the records of the last 10 years. Now the price of cotton has increased by 40 times. Apart from this, the transportation charges due to corona are 900 times more. For this reason, it is being seen in many parts of Britain. Due to non-availability of supply according to the demand, the prices have caught fire.

pajamas shortage

According to the Daily Star report, an underwear retailer said that the shortage of clothing during the festive season is a matter of concern. We have to keep returning customers. As much as the stock is now, it has become a compulsion to sell it at very high prices. However, it is not that only this sector is suffering in the UK. Many other sectors are also passing through bad times. Mark Green, head of UK's famous pajama company Happy Linen, says that the country is also going through a shortage of food and drink. Hope everything will be fine soon.

Price may increase now

The lack of supply according to demand is not the first time in the UK. Even before this, news of fuel and meat shortages in Britain has come to the fore. Now there is a shortage of pants here in the latest. There is a shortage of underwear, half pants and pajamas in the shops. Industry experts say that the price of boxers, lingerie and pajamas will increase significantly in the midst of Christmas. The main reason for this decrease is the storm in Britain.