Citizenship Amendment Act / CAA will be implemented in the month of March, notification may be issued before elections

Zoom News : Feb 27, 2024, 09:35 PM
Citizenship Amendment Act: Indian Citizenship (Amendment) Act CAA will come into force in the month of March. Its notification can be issued any time before the announcement of Lok Sabha elections. Home Ministry sources claim that CAA will be implemented even before the Model Code of Conduct. After this, the applications of persecuted minorities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be considered under the CAA rule.

The Indian Citizenship (Amendment) Act was passed in Parliament five years ago, but was not implemented later due to protests across the country. Now once again this law is in discussion. It is believed that its notification may be issued before the model code of conduct is implemented. Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah had also announced that no one can stop the implementation of CAA.

What is CAA?

CAA i.e. Citizenship (Amendment) Act has been passed by the Parliament in 2019. Its objective is to give Indian citizenship to minority refugees who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before 31 December 2014. Its benefit will be to those people of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian and Parsi communities who are victims of persecution in these three neighboring countries. Have come to India after. The special thing is that they will not need any document to get Indian citizenship. As soon as they get citizenship under the law, such persons will also get the fundamental rights of the country. Muslims have been kept out of this law.

The bill was passed in 2019

The amended bill making changes to the Indian Citizenship Act 1995 was introduced in the Lok Sabha for the first time in 2016. At the same time this bill was passed in the Lok Sabha. Later it got stuck in Rajya Sabha. Later it was sent to the parliamentary committee. In 2019, the Modi government again presented this bill in the Parliament. This bill was passed. After this the President's approval was also received. After this there were demonstrations across the country. After this it went into abeyance.