Citizenship Amendment Act / There is no mother's son who can end CAA - PM Modi said from Lalganj

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 12:40 PM
Citizenship Amendment Act: Under the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, 4 phase voting has ended, while 3 phase voting is left. The most important state for this election is Uttar Pradesh where there are a total of 80 Lok Sabha seats. Every political party wants to win these seats so that they can easily get power in Delhi. In this sequence, Prime Minister Modi has reached Lalganj in Azamgarh, UP on Thursday to address a public meeting. BJP has given ticket to Neelam Sonkar from here. From the rally stage, PM Modi has fiercely attacked SP and Congress. Let us know the special things about PM Modi's rally.

Once again Modi government- PM Modi

PM Modi started his rally by making people chant Ram-Ram and Bharat Mata. During this period, PM Modi also asked for photographs from those who had photographs in their hands. PM Modi said that a few days ago he was in Banaras and the way the people of Kashi celebrated democracy there was excellent. PM Modi said that not only in Kashi but there is a similar atmosphere from North to South and from Attock to Kat. Pictures of India's celebration of democracy are everywhere. PM Modi said that this is an example of how important India's identity is to the world. The world is seeing that the public's blessings are on BJP and NDA. Wherever we go, only one slogan and resolution is heard and that is – Modi government once again.

People of India trust Modi's guarantee

PM Modi said that the world is seeing how much the people of India have faith in Modi's guarantee. The latest example of what Modi's guarantee means is the CAA law. Just yesterday, the work of granting citizenship to refugees under this law has started. All these brothers and sisters are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Christian who have been living as refugees in our country for a long time. PM Modi said that all of them are victims of partition. PM Modi said that Mahatma Gandhi had said that these people can come to India whenever they want. PM Modi said that these people took refuge in the lap of mother Barat to save the honor of their daughter and to save the religion. But Congress did not take care of them because they were not the vote bank of Congress. Whereas most of them are Dalit and OBC category people. PM Modi said that Congress and its allies left no stone unturned in committing crimes on this issue. PM Modi said that SP, Congress etc. spread such lies in the name of CAA that these parties tried to throw the entire country including UP into riots. They still say that the day Modi goes, CAA will also go. PM Modi said that someone like Mai Ka Lal has been born who can end CAA.

You will not be able to remove CAA- PM Modi

PM Modi said whatever strength you have to gather, do it. I am also in the field and so are you. You will not be able to delete CAA. PM Modi said that in the coming days, refugees living from Bengal to Punjab will become sons of Mother India. PM Modi said that another guarantee of Modi is visible in Kashmir also. Kashmir was an issue in every election for the last five decades. Every party capitalizes on this issue. Now our opposition parties have stopped speaking. These people say in hushed tones that they will bring back 370 as soon as we get a chance. PM Modi said that after 40 years, the people of Srinagar were celebrating voting. The enthusiasm of the people of Srinagar clearly shows that no one will be able to do politics in the name of 370. The PM said that earlier people were afraid that there would be news of firing and bombing in Kashmir. PM said that Modi demolished the wall of 370. PM said that this time voting records were broken in Srinagar. The PM said that only those who are full of nationalism can do such work.

SP-Congress sell goods of corruption and appeasement- PM Modi

PM said that 10 years ago there used to be sleeper cells and riots everywhere. The name of Azamgarh itself was changed to something else. The PM said that whenever there was a bomb blast anywhere in the country, people used to look towards Azamgarh. The princes of SP used to respect the rioters who spread terror. Used to give them protective cover. PM said that SP and Congress are two but the shop is same. They sell goods of corruption and appeasement.

Opposition wants to snatch reservation- PM Modi

The PM said that these people want to snatch the reservation of backward Dalit tribals and give it to their vote bank. The PM said that the people of Indi alliance want to snatch half of your property and give it to their vote bank. The PM said that he wants to divide the country's budget. Want to give 15 percent of the budget to minorities. PM said that we need unity for the constitution of the country. PM said that Hindus and Muslims continued doing this for 70 years. Let us unite and bring glory to the country.

We delivered toilets and gas to homes – PM Modi

PM Modi said that the prince of Congress is running a campaign to abuse the Ram temple. They are attacking our faith for their vote bank. The PM said that the Congress had left the SP and the Congress people in a miserable condition. But Modi provided toilets and gas to everyone's homes.

Government will provide treatment to elderly people above 70 years of age – PM Modi

PM Modi said that nowadays there are elders in every family. Now I have come with another task. PM Modi said that children feel worried when faced with the burden of treatment. Therefore, Modi is responsible for the medical expenses of all the people in your family above 70 years of age. This is Modi's guarantee. PM said that I have started another scheme in which electricity bill becomes zero. Not only this, the electricity bill will be zero and the electricity user will also become a hero. PM said that not only Nirahua but you people will also become heroes. PM said that PM Suryaghar Yojana has been started for which applications have started. People will get Rs 75 thousand with the help of which they will install solar panels. People will use electricity and if there is excess electricity, it will be bought by the Yogi government. PM said that people will also be able to earn money by selling electricity.

People have seen the goonda rule of SP- PM Modi

PM Modi said that UP is developing rapidly under BJP rule. But the prince of UP gets stomach ache due to these actions. People have seen the goonda rule of SP. As soon as evening came, people used to go to their homes. It was difficult for the mother and sisters to go out. It was difficult for my daughter to go out for studies. The PM said that today under the BJP government, UP has come out of all these things. PM Modi said that Yogi ji has today broken the backs of rioters, mafia and kidnappers. Cleanliness campaign is also going on at a fast pace in UP. The PM said that the local products here have to be taken to the world, that is why I talk about Vote Four Local.

We made Yaduvanshi the CM- PM Modi

PM Modi said that I had gone to visit Dwarka ji but these Congress people were making fun of it too. PM said that the heads of their families of RJD in Bihar and SP in UP call themselves Yaduvanshi. PM Modi said how Yaduvanshi you are. The person with whom you sit is abusing Krishna. PM said that you know who understands the importance of Yaduvansh. We have made Mohan Yadav the CM of MP not for votes but in honor of Yaduvansh. PM Modi has appealed to elect Nirahua from Azamgarh and Neelam Sonkar from Lalganj with record votes.