Bihar / CM Nitish Kumar asks for a detailed investigation into allegations of phone tapping.

Zoom News : Aug 02, 2021, 09:19 PM

Regarding the opposition's request for a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) investigation, Nitish Kumar stated that although the government denies the allegations, those with specific evidence of espionage still need to provide pieces of evidence. Designed to expose allegations of phone tapping that has paralysed Parliament in recent days.  After receiving a routine interview with Janata Darbar, Kumar told the media that this issue should be discussed (the espionage accusation of the Pegasus surveillance program) and that the government should take appropriate action based on the severity of the issue. "It is also important to investigate this issue because it is unknown who is behind the eavesdropping or hacking," Kumar said.  

Regarding the opposition’s request for the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to conduct an investigation, Kumar said that even if the government denies the allegations, those with specific evidence of espionage must provide evidence.  Last week, the Prime Minister criticized any alleged attempts to wiretap the phone calls of journalists, politicians and bureaucrats in the Pegasus project, saying that technological development has some negative effects. "Sometimes, very useful technology can also be abused," KM said. The  Coalition of Media Organizations began reporting on July 18 a series of articles about the leaked list of 50,000 phone numbers, including politicians, journalists, and activists from all over the world. 

The NSO Group makes Pegasus, military-grade mobile spyware. Of the 50,000 devices, Amnesty International tested 67 devices, 37 of which were confirmed to be infected with Pegasus. Dozens of people on the list are related to Indian citizens, including opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, journalists, activists, former election commissioner Ashok Lavas, and current Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vashna.  

Of course, as explained by the suspected espionage investigation method, the presence of a number in the database of suspected destination numbers does not mean that someone's phone has been hacked, but only that they are interested.  The government neither confirmed nor denied the purchase of spyware. NSO Group has repeatedly stated that it only provides services to verified government customers. The company has questioned the leaked digital list as a target for its customers.