India / Complaint against Mufti over 'Aryan Khan targeted because of his surname' remark

Zoom News : Oct 12, 2021, 08:05 AM
New Delhi: Two practising lawyers of the national capital has filed a complaint before Delhi Police against Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief President Mehbooba Mufti for her alleged derogatory and inciting statement relating to the arrest of Shahrukh Khan's son.

Two lawyers --Vineet Jindal and Akshita -- alleged that Mehbooba Mufti publically stated a controversial statement in which she said that Shahrukh Khan's Aryan Khan was being targeted by the central agencies just because of his surname "Khan", claiming that Muslims are targeted to please the core vote bank of the BJP.

According to the complaint, the statement made by Mufti on a public platform and widely circulated on social media an is quite clear that she is using these instigating statements against the duly elected central agencies and our investigating agencies to provoke the Muslim community.

"It is an inciting statement which intends to create hatred and unrest among the communities, " the lawyer said in the complaint.

"Mufti statement clearly depicts her intention and act to incite the Muslim community of our country thus it may threaten the security, peace and harmony of our nation and disrupt public order," the complaint said adding that the matter on which Mehbooba Mufti is making this provocative statement is sub-judice and her statement also questioned the judicial proceedings taking place in a matter of Aryan khan who is behind bars after courts order on allegation of possession drugs.

The complaint said that Mufti is having an influence on the mass Muslim community and her statement is with the sole motive to incite the Muslims of our country.

"That our Constitution provides every citizen with the freedom of speech and expression but if this right is used which threatens the integrity and harmony of the country and incites its citizens on the basis of community and religion and threatens the security of nation then it is considered as a grave offence," the complainants said.

Alleging that statements made by Mufti clearly shows her intent of instigating enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion, the complainants have sought to lodge FIR against Mufti under relevant sections dealing with waging war against the government, want only giving provocation with intent to cause a riot, promoting enmity between different groups among others. The complainants also sought to take strict legal action against Mufti.