Lok Sabha Elections / 'Congress has problem with Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram'- PM Modi

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 24, 2024, 04:30 PM
Lok Sabha Elections: The elections are going to end in a few days. While 5 phases of elections have ended in various states and union territories of the country, voting will be held for the sixth phase on 25th May and the seventh i.e. last phase on 1st June. The result of Lok Sabha elections 2024 will be declared on 4th June. There are a total of 4 Lok Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh on which all the parties are eyeing. In this sequence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also reached Shimla, Himachal Pradesh on Friday to address an election rally. Let us know what PM Modi said in the rally.

Biggest rally of Sirmaur- PM Modi

PM Modi started his speech with Bharat Mata Ki Jai. He said that it feels as if I have come to my home. He said that Sirmaur is not a new place for me but today's environment is different. I too used to do party work but was never able to organize such a big rally. Rarely till date has such a crowd come to any rally in Sirmaur. PM Modi said that even when no one knew him here, people loved and blessed him. Times have changed but not Modi. Even today my relationship with Himachal remains the same. PM Modi said that former Afghan President Hamid Karzai also used to say that Himachal is his home. Because he also studied here. 

I have come to seek blessings for the third time – PM Modi

PM Modi said that today I have come to you for the third time to seek blessings for the BJP government. The PM said that I do not want these blessings for myself, my family or my caste community. I need these blessings to make a powerful India, developed India and developed Himachal. 

Return of Modi government is certain - PM Modi

PM Modi said that 5 phases of elections have ended and the return of Modi government in the country is confirmed. This time Himachal will score a hat-trick by making it 4-0. PM said that we are people of Devbhoomi. How can we waste our vote? PM said that once again Modi government. 

Pakistan used to dance on its head - PM Modi

PM Modi said that Himachal is a border state and the people here know the meaning of a strong government. Modi will risk his life but will never let you face any trouble. PM Modi said that people have seen the Congress government when there used to be a weak government. Then Pakistan used to dance on our heads. The Indian government used to go around the world pleading. Modi said that India will no longer beg in front of the world and will fight its own battle. And then Bharat entered the house and killed. Look what the condition of Pakistan has become today. 

The mountains of Himachal taught us to be courageous.

PM Modi said that the mountains of Himachal have taught him to have courage and the snow here has taught him to think with a cool mind. PM Modi said that I cannot tolerate the insult of Mother India. He said that Congress has a problem with Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram. Such a Congress cannot do any good to the country. PM Modi said that roads were not built on the border during the Congress government. Congress was afraid that the enemy would enter through the same road. Such cowardly thinking does not match with Modi's mind. Modi gave more money than Congress and said to build roads and infrastructure along the border.

Congress tortured soldiers for 4 decades 

PM Modi said that Congress made the military families yearn for One Rank One Pension for 4 decades and threw dust in the eyes of the ex-servicemen. I had given a guarantee to the ex-servicemen in 2013 that One Rank One Pension would be implemented. After this, Congress put a token of Rs 500 crore and said that we will also implement One Rank One Pension, which was a joke with the soldiers. Ever since Modi implemented One Rank One Pension, the BJP government has already given Rs 1.25 lakh crore to the soldiers.

Congress has a model of destruction- PM Modi

PM Modi said that on one hand is Modi's guarantee and on the other is Congress's model of destruction. Congress lied a lot to get power in the state. Many promises were made regarding the first cabinet. Nothing happened in the first cabinet and the cabinet itself broke down. Congress had said that it will give you Rs 1500 but it did not come. Congress promised to give cow dung money and did not give it. One lakh jobs were to be given in the first cabinet but they were not given. The public who came to the rally agreed with PM Modi. The PM said that there is a locksmith government in Himachal which has locked the job commission itself.  

Common people can also be poor

PM said that I have been coming to Himachal for 30 years. Since becoming PM till now, there has hardly been a single year when he has not come here to touch the soil with his head. The PM said that the Congress and Indi alliance is selfish and opportunistic. You will find three things in common among them – they are extreme communalists, they are extreme casteists and they are extreme familyists. For 60 years, Congress did not even think that people from the general category could also be poor. They also need reservation. Modi gave 10 percent reservation for their poor children and there was no conflict in the country. This reservation was not given at the expense of anyone's rights. The PM said that when any work is done with a good heart, the mind is filled with enthusiasm. Modi has done all this work to reduce the debt of the people. 

We will not let the country break any further

PM Modi said that Congress and Indi people are playing various games to destroy India. They want to give the reservation given by our Constitution to SC, ST and OBC to their vote banks. They don't just talk. In Karnataka, Congress gave OBC reservation to Muslims. He wants to work further on this model. PM Modi said that in West Bengal, the Indi alliance members had given reservation to Muslims by making them OBC overnight. They robbed the rights of OBCs. Calcutta High Court canceled this reservation but Mamata Banerjee is saying that she will not obey the order. The PM said that now we will not allow this country to be broken further. 

They oppose Ram Mandir only for vote bank.

PM Modi said that if Congress and Indi people have any kin, it is their vote bank. They oppose Ram Temple only for their vote bank. Earlier they used to make fun of the date of Ram temple. We told the date and time but these people boycotted the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha. When Ramlala was installed in the grand temple, people were happy and celebrated Diwali. The 500 years of war has ended but Congress is not able to tolerate even this. 

They will lock the Ram temple

The PM said that a Congress leader has revealed that if Congress comes to power, they will lock the Ram temple and send Ram Lalla back to the tent. PM Modi said that people will have to clean out Congress from every polling booth on June 1. PM Modi said that no one thought that Himachal would have institutes like IIIT, IIM and AIIMS but now with Modi it is possible. Himachal has now got bulk drugs and medical park. Got Vande Bharat train. PM said that 5 kg free food grains and free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh is Modi's guarantee. 

Your electricity bill will be zero- PM Modi

PM Modi said that farmers will continue to receive Kisan Samman Nidhi. Modi government will make 3 crore women millionaires out of which thousands of women will be from Himachal. Modi will make your electricity bill zero. PM Modi said that PM Suryaghar free electricity scheme has been started. With this, your electricity bill will not only be zero but people will also earn money by selling electricity. The government will give Rs 75 thousand for solar panels. PM Modi said that just as earlier guarantees were fulfilled, this guarantee too will be fulfilled. PM Modi said that it is my resolve that the stove in the house of the poor should keep burning and their children should not sleep hungry. PM Modi said that the free ration scheme will continue for the next 5 years. PM Modi said that everyone should vote for Suresh Kashyap. This vote will go straight to me.