West Bengal Violence / Contract for throwing bombs for 5 thousand rupees, hired goons

Zoom News : Jun 16, 2023, 01:45 PM
West Bengal Violence: There has been an uproar in West Bengal regarding the nomination for the Panchayat elections. So far five people have died in the entire state, while more than 90 have been injured. In this, maximum 3 deaths occurred in Bhangad of South 24 Parganas amid clashes between TMC and ISF supporters. Governor CV Anand Bose is visiting the violence affected areas of Bhangarh on Friday. Meanwhile, a video is going viral, in which a man has been tied to a tree and he describes himself as TMC leader Shaukat Mollah's man and was hired to commit violence.

In the video, a man is seen tied to a tree and he tells that he is TMC leader Shaukat Mollah's man. He says that Trinamool leader of South 24 Parganas Shaukat Molla hired him for Rs 5000 to throw bombs in Bhangad area and kill people. He was given tamangas and bombs and asked for violence.

He says he was told to bomb ISF supporters. 30 people from outside were brought in his seven Tata 407 vans to create panic. While enrollment was going on. At that time they had bombed and tried to stop ISF supporters from enrolling.

In the video, he can be heard saying that those people were told to shoot ISF supporters and they were around 30 people and they had bombs in seven-eight bags.

There has been turmoil in South 24 Parganas for the last few days, centered on the nomination phase of the panchayat elections. This area was in headlines due to unrest from the beginning till the last day of nomination period for Panchayat elections.

Three people died in violence in Bhangarh

Local residents complained that Bhangar had practically turned into a battlefield over panchayat election nominations, with bomb blasts, firing, brick-pelting, attacks on police, vandalism of vehicles and more.

The opposition alleges that even on the last day of nomination there was open violence in front of the police. It is alleged that bullets and bombs were fired in the presence of the police. Locals claimed that three people lost their lives till late Thursday night due to political clashes. One of them is being claimed to be a worker of the Indian Secular Front (ISF), while the other two are workers of the ruling Trinamool.

Fresh bombs found in seven bags in Bhagand

Seven bags full of fresh bombs were recovered on Friday amid unrest over the nomination phase of the panchayat elections. According to local sources, these bomb-filled bags were recovered from a dilapidated house near Bhangar police station.

Locals believe that the bombs that exploded in the area on Thursday are part of the recovered bombs. The local people also believe that the miscreants involved in the bombing had brought the bomb and hid it in a broken house.