Business / Credit Card Charges HDFC bank revised fee structure and reward point system

Zoom News : Dec 03, 2022, 01:59 PM
HDFC Bank Credit Card Charges: If you use credit card and your card is of HDFC Bank then this news is for you. Yes, using HDFC's credit card is going to be expensive under the new update. Crores of customers have got another blow from the bank after increasing the loan interest rate in the past. The new credit card charges are expected to be effective from the new year. Some customers have also received messages related to this.

There will be change from 1 January 2023

It has been told in the SMS that reached the customers that the fee structure of some credit cards will change from January 1, 2023. The bank has revised the fee structure for paying rent through third-party merchants. According to the information given on the official website, 1 percent of the total amount of the transaction will be charged as a fee for such payment. This fee will be taken from the rental transaction of the second month.

1 percent conversion fee will have to be paid

Apart from this, changes have also been made in the 'Reward Point System' and International Transaction Charges on the bank side. If you do any transaction in Indian Rupee (INR) at an international location, then you will have to pay 1 percent conversion fee. If the merchant registered in any other country is in India, then this fee will also be applicable on that transaction.

Changes in reward point system as well

A change has also been made in the reward point system of the credit card by HDFC Bank. For example, an Infinia cardholder can redeem up to 1.5 lakh points every month on HDFC's reward point portal SmartBuy. Whereas, Diners Black cardholders can redeem up to 75,000 points every month.

Similarly, Infinia card holders can redeem a maximum of 50,000 points every month on Tanishq vouchers. 3000 points can be redeemed every month on Millennia, Pharmeasy, Bharat and Paytm cards. This change will be applicable from 1 February.