Bigg Boss / Dad is hurt to know Eijaz was molested as a child: Bigg Boss contestant's brother

Zoom News : Dec 27, 2020, 03:55 PM
Mumbai: Eijaz Khan has emerged as the lone warrior of Bigg Boss 14. He has not had much support from people inside the house, nor from celebs barring a couple of them. On the show, the actor has been age-shamed and contestants have spoken about his sympathy card. However, the actor made national headlines when he revealed that he was molested as a child. Eijaz Khan's brother Imran spoke EXCLUSIVELY to BollywoodLife. He said, "We were very upset when we heard about it. Dad is very hurt. He has not spoken to us about it. Maybe, Eijaz Bhai and he will have a conversation once he is back. We, as a family fully support him. He has our back in whatever decision he takes. This is a very personal conversation and I have not asked dad about it so far."

The actor also made news for his equation with Pavitra Punia. Imran said, "We are seeing how wonderfully she is supporting him. We are thankful for it. I would say that Pavitra Punia is a good judge of character. She managed to bring out his light-hearted side on the show. Also, when Eijaz Khan likes someone, he does not hesitate from lavishing his affection. We have to see how it progresses after the show ends."

On the show, Eijaz Khan has been called as 'Chicha' and people have lashed at his sympathy card. "We feel bad when we see him being trolled. I do not think that he is playing to get sympathy. Eijaz is very committed to the task. Yes, he is a competitive person. I feel others say it just because they are looking at ways to move ahead," says Imran.