Elvish Yadav News / Danger bells are still hanging on Elvish, will have to appear on every date

Zoom News : Apr 09, 2024, 06:00 AM
Elvish Yadav News: The snake venom case related to 'Bigg Boss OTT 2' winner and YouTuber Elvish Yadav is still not solved. This matter is getting deeper with the passing days. Recently, Noida Police had filed a charge sheet in the court against Elvish Yadav and other 8 associates. In this charge sheet, the police have said that there is evidence to prove all the allegations against Elvish and his associates. These evidences include electronic evidence, FSL report and recorded statements of 24 witnesses. The court is taking the 1,200-page charge sheet into cognizance.

Will have to appear in court at every hearing

On Monday, CERT said that it will take cognizance of the charge sheet against 8 other associates including Elvish Yadav. After taking cognizance of the charge sheet, the court will frame charges against all the accused and after that the hearing of the case will begin. Along with the charge frame, notices will be sent to all the accused, after the issue of which, Elvish Yadav and other associates will have to reach the court on every date under any circumstances.

Police is collecting evidence

Police have already sent the phones of Elvish and two other people for forensic examination. It is suspected that many important chats and videos have been deleted from all three phones. To recover them, they have been sent to the forensic lab located in Niwani, Ghaziabad. According to police sources, the deleted videos and chats included many videos and things related to rave parties and snake venom, recovery of which will further strengthen the police charge sheet. Besides, the police will also be able to strengthen the wildlife protection case registered against the accused.

Police had taken action

Let us tell you, at the end of the year 2023, an official of the People's for Animals organization had filed a case in the Sector-49 police station, accusing Elvish Yadav and his associates of using snake venom and buying and selling. After this, the police raided the party venue, where nine snakes including a cobra and 20 ml of poison were found from five snake charmers. After this, the police took action and sent everyone to jail.

Information related to the case

Let us tell you, after this an audio of the organization's official went viral, in which the main accused Rahul is heard talking to the organization's official. In this, Rahul is saying that he has attended the parties organized by Elvish. Rahul went to parties with his other snake charmer friends. However, later everyone got bail. The police team searched the call details and social media accounts of Elvish Yadav, when Noida Police found enough evidence against him, the police gave him a notice and called him again for questioning. After interrogation, he was arrested from Noida and sent to jail. After being in jail for five days, Elvish has been released on bail.