Viral News / Do ghosts really exist? Scientists told the truth

Zoom News : Jun 21, 2021, 04:00 PM
In the last 26 million years, dinosaurs were over. Pangea (Pangea) was broken and turned into individual continents. Became the island. But humans have changed the earth very fast. The changed land we are living on, it has not changed in crores of years. Studies of ancient geologic events have shown that the earth brings a later change in 2.75 million years to keep themselves healthy from time to time. That is, its geological 'heart beats'. When it beats, the volcano bursts, tsunami comes, sea water level increases. Seismic tectonic plates are shifted. That is, the catastrophe comes. When will the next goat come?

According to the New York University's Geographist Michael Rampando and his team's study, the heart of Earth will be torne after about 2 million years. That is, after 2 million years, the earth will come again. Well, people and other creatures are safe at the moment. Michael says that small natural phenomena are not disaster. The big disaster will come when the heart of the earth will be torne. Pulse will run in his geologic nerves.

Michael Rampando said that the figures show that this is a general geopoly process. This is not sudden. There is a sequence of many geological slims. Which are related to each other. When the whole order joined together then the heart of the earth beats. It is exactly the same as if a person's breath is stuck. He is hitting hands and feet. Sweat are discounted. His limbs started trembling. In the end, as soon as breathing, everything becomes normal. Similarly the earth's beating is stuck. As soon as it will be complete. Everything will be right but after heavy devastation.

Michael and his team have written in their report that in the study of millions of years it came to know that whenever the earth breathes, there is a collective skill of marine and non-maritime. There is terrible activities like Tsunami. The continent breaks down. Some go into the sea, then some come out of the sea. There is a change in magnetic power of the earth. Tactonic plates strive to make a balance by colliding or separate. This study has been published in Geosocion Frontiers.

Michael says that according to our study, such activities occur every 2.75 million years. The next activity will be about 2 million years. Geographic and scientists are studying such activities for many centuries. Earlier, between 1920 and 1930, scientists told 3 million years of time to get the beating of the earth. In 1980-90 it was reported between 2.62 crores to 3.06 million years.

But now the new study is being more accurate. According to last year's study, the interval of 2.75 million years is 2.75 million years. That is, after the gap of almost so many years, the earth itself changes itself to healthy. Professor Ellen Collins of Geologist and University of Adelaide, who reviewed this study, says that this study is good. But I think that the best year was done by Muller and Ducifies in 2018.

In the year 2018, both the Researchers of the University of Sydney had written that they had studied the carbon bicycle and tectonic plate of Earth. In which he came to the catastrophe, a large level of geological change on earth is 2.60 million years. Collins say that many incidents in the study of Michael Rampando have been taken in casual way. There are about 90 events that mentions marine collective. But geological beats on earth is 2.60 million to 3.0 million years. But it is not clear what is the reason for this.

In another study of Michael, it has been said that due to the collision of such catastrophe. At the same time, any other researcher has told Planet X. But what is really geothermal 'beating' inside the earth. Yes Because of the movement of the tectonic plates inside the earth and beating due to climate change. This is a long geologic process, which keeps slowly. But once a day, it makes a position like a catastrophe.