Solar System / How long human could survive and live on all planets of solar system

Zoom News : Nov 24, 2022, 03:58 PM
How long human survive on planets: There is no emphasis on life and death. The one who is born has a certain end. No one knows whose age will be in the midst of such truth. At the same time, there have been many such people in the world who have left the world after living a healthy life of above 100 years. On the basis of the achievements of medical science and advanced technology, talks like establishing a human settlement on the moon have started happening today. In such a situation, have you ever thought that on which planet of the solar system, how long can a human being live or is life possible on other planets as well?

According to astronomers, it is not possible to go outside the earth without a spacesuit. In such a situation, if we start this discussion with the Sun, then according to NASA, the temperature of the Sun is about 15 million degree Celsius on the surface. In such a situation, it would be meaningless to think that someone will be able to go to the sun. Because in such a high temperature, any person or thing will get roasted or evaporate. On the other hand, Mars is very cold, so to live on Mars, you will need very warm clothes. Here also you can survive as long as you can hold your breath.

According to American astronomer Neil D. Tyson, now talking about Mercury, it is also a very hot planet. Although the back side or part of Mercury is frozen with ice, according to a science journal report, the temperature there remains zero -179ºC. If you go to the line between these two temperatures, you can live only as long as you can hold your breath. Accordingly, you can stay alive here only for about one to two minutes.

Now talking about the planet Jupiter, there are many challenges here too. This planet has no solid surface and the atmosphere is also dry. There is no oxygen here. That's why on Jupiter, man will die only under the pressure of gases. That means life is not possible even here.

The temperature of Venus is also 900 ºF (482ºC). That's why here also the condition of human being will be like going to the sun. However, there is gravitational force like Earth on Venus, so you can roam there, but here too there is only one condition that it will be possible only till a person can hold his breath here. That is, it is impossible to stay on this planet even for a second.

Similarly, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are balls of gas. If someone goes here, he will die immediately due to the pressure of the gases. That means there is no chance for humans to survive here too.

Our earth is the only one among the planets of the solar system which gives a chance to grow and flourish from humans to animals and plants. You will be surprised to know that there is no such place except the earth, where humans can live for more than two minutes without any extra preparation.