Science / Scientists discovered 'another world' by digging snow!

Zoom News : Jun 10, 2022, 08:52 PM
Delhi: A 'new world' has been found buried under the ice in Antarctica. It is just 500 meters below the icy surface there. In fact, scientists have discovered a huge palace-like cave in the ice-covered Antarctica. Which is full of aquatic life. A team of researchers from New Zealand went to Antarctica. Here he was sent as part of the National Institute of Water and Atmospherics (Niwa) and Geological and Nuclear Sciences. There it was asked to find out about the role of this river in the melting snow due to climate change.

Many types of creatures including Amphipods were seen present in this new world. These are the animals of the lobsters, crabs, and mites family. When they reached near the river while drilling under the icy surface, their camera saw small Amphipods

Niwa's Craig Stevens said - For a while we thought the camera was bad, but when the focus recovered, we did notice a swarm of arthropods. We had also experimented in other parts of Antarctica, but this time we got a lot of surprises.

Craig further said – We are so excited because seeing them floating around our equipment shows that there is clearly an important ecosystem there.

The river was first discovered by the project's lead scientist, Hu Horgan of Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington. Then he was studying satellite images of the icy surface.

Horgan then said that scientists already knew about the lakes and rivers hidden under the ice of Antarctica. But they were never directly surveyed. He said – The discovery of this river is the first step in that mysterious world.