Earthquake In Maharashtra / Earth trembled due to earthquake in Maharashtra, see the measured intensity

Zoom News : Nov 20, 2023, 07:43 AM
Earthquake In Maharashtra: Earthquake tremors were felt once again in Maharashtra this morning. Its intensity was measured at 3.5 on the Richter scale. However, the intensity of the earthquake was very low due to which it could be felt very little. This earthquake occurred at 5:09 in the morning. There is no news of any loss of life or property. Generally people are not able to feel such earthquake tremors. Nevertheless, frequent earthquakes have increased people's worries. Let us tell you that earthquake tremors have been felt continuously in this area of Maharashtra for the last few days. In such a situation, people are now worried about this.

Why do earthquakes occur?

Actually, the thick layer of the earth, which is called tectonic plates, keeps shifting from its place. These plates usually shift from their place by about 4-5 mm every year. They can move from their place both horizontally and vertically. In this sequence, sometimes one plate moves closer to the other plate and sometimes it moves away. During this time sometimes these plates collide with each other. Only in such circumstances an earthquake occurs and the earth shakes. These plates are about 30-50 km below the surface.

How to protect?

If there is a sudden earthquake, go out of the house in the open. If you are trapped in the house, hide under a bed or a sturdy table. You can save yourself even by standing in the corners of the house. Do not use the lift at all during an earthquake. Go to open space. Stay away from trees and power lines. Apart from this, earthquake resistant houses are also equally important. Although it is not very expensive, but due to lack of awareness among people about it, people often ignore it.