Lok Sabha Elections / EC released complete data of 5 phase voting, said- every vote is counted

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 25, 2024, 05:56 PM
Lok Sabha Elections: A total of five phases of elections have been completed so far for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 and the Election Commission has released the voting figures for all the five phases. The Commission said that no one can tamper with the number of votes. Every vote counts. The Commission said that no one can change the vote data shared with the polling agents of all the candidates through Form 17C. The Commission said that voting data was always available to the candidates and to the citizens 24x7 on the Voter Turnout App. The Commission has noted a pattern of distorting the electoral process and fabricating false stories.

Supreme Court's decision strengthened

In the press note issued by the Commission, it was said that the Commission is definitely feeling strengthened by the observations and decision of the Honorable Supreme Court on the process of releasing the voting data by the Boat Commission. This places a huge responsibility on the Commission to serve electoral democracy without any controversy. Therefore, the Election Commission has decided to further expand the format of release of voting data to include the full number of voters in each parliamentary constituency. It has been made publicly available. 

The entire process is accurate, no discrepancies

The Commission said that the process of collection and storage of votes cast is difficult and transparent. The Commission and its officials in the states are disseminating voting data in a better manner, keeping in mind the statutory considerations.   The entire process of release of voting data from the date of commencement of voting on 19 April 2024 has been accurate, consistent and in accordance with election laws. There has been no discrepancy of any kind in this. 

Earlier, the Supreme Court on Friday refused to give direction to the Election Commission on the petition of a non-governmental organization (NGO), which requested to direct the Commission to upload the polling percentage data on its website. it was done. On May 17, the Supreme Court had sought a response from the Election Commission within a week on the NGO's petition, in which polling station-wise vote percentage data would be uploaded on the Commission's website within 48 hours of the completion of voting for each phase of the Lok Sabha elections. A request was made to give instructions. At the same time, the Election Commission filed an affidavit opposing the request of the NGO and said that this will spoil the electoral environment and create chaos in the electoral system between the general elections.