Lok Sabha Elections / Election Commission is investigating PM Modi's remarks, Congress has complained

Zoom News : Apr 25, 2024, 11:10 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: The Election Commission has started investigating the speech given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Banswara, Rajasthan. Recently, while addressing a rally in Banswara, PM Modi had claimed that if Congress comes to power, it will get people's properties investigated and distribute it among those who produce more children.

According to PTI report, after the statement given by PM Modi, the parties of the Indian alliance including Congress mobilized and reached the Election Commission. The parties lodged their complaint with the Election Commission regarding the PM's statement and demanded action. According to sources, now the Election Commission has started investigating those complaints.

PM also mentioned the comments of former PM

In fact, on Sunday, PM Modi, while referring to the manifesto of Congress, had claimed that if it comes to power, it will distribute people's property among Muslims. Apart from this, PM Modi had also cited the comment of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that minorities have the first right on the country's resources.

Congress has accused BJP of appeasement

Referring to PM Modi's speech, the Congress party had termed it as politics of appeasement and has also urged the Election Commission to take action on the complaint. The party had issued a statement calling PM Modi's comments divisive and malicious. The party said that BJP has become nervous after the first phase of elections and PM Modi has made comments targeting a particular religious community.

Politics intensifies regarding comments

After several comments by PM Modi, Congress is continuously attacking BJP. On Wednesday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that this is the first election in the history of India when a political party has directly attacked the country's Constitution.

He further said that 20-25 people together want to destroy the biggest power of the people, the Constitution and democracy. He said that the Constitution is not just a book but a weapon of the poor. With the Congress Party in power, no power in the world can snatch this weapon from the people.