Tesla in India / Elon Musk will give jobs to thousands of people - made a tremendous plan before entering India

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 20, 2024, 07:59 AM
Tesla in India: Elon Musk has already anticipated the problems that will arise after entering India. For which he has made such planning. After which there will be no one to stop them in India. Yes, Tesla Power India has announced to provide jobs to more than 2000 people for its expansion in India. In fact, the company has recently launched India's first refurbished battery brand, Restore. Restore is based on electrochemical battery enhancement process technology. Which increases the life shell of old used lead-acid batteries.

Planning to open 5000 restore units

RESTORE Energy will actively contribute to the Skill India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives by providing training and job opportunities in refurbishing of batteries in the storage sector. Tesla Power India plans to open 5000 restoration units by 2026. These units will create a large number of employment opportunities in various departments. The planned recruitment campaign will include a variety of positions in engineering, operations, sales, marketing and support functions, which will provide ample opportunities to the unemployed youth of the country.

Tesla Power statement

Tesla Power India MD Kavinder Khurana gave information about the company's expansion planning and stressed the importance of acquisition of local talent for success in the Indian market. He said that as Tesla Power India continues its expansion in India. We are excited to welcome new talent to our team and leverage their contributions to further our mission of cost savings. If Tesla Power hires local talent from India, it will lead to an increase in economic growth. It will also help a lot in increasing employment in remote areas of the country.

What could be the story behind this?

There has been talk of Tesla Motors coming to India for a long time. A lot of talks have taken place between the Government of India and Tesla officials. In such a situation, Tesla wants to start work on batteries in the country before bringing its car. So that after Tesla comes to India, there will be no problem and trouble regarding batteries. If batteries are produced in India, their costing will reduce significantly. Besides, the country's economy will also benefit. Now the country is waiting for Elon Musk's Tesla car.