India / Every Person Above 18 Years Of Age Will Be Registered On CoWin App In The Covid Vaccination Center

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2021, 10:30 PM
Covid Vaccination: The Central Government has given the facility to every person above 18 years of age to register for Kovid Vaccination with online registration by going offline i.e. Kovid Vaccination Center and registering on the Kovin App. The government has also said that hesitation regarding vaccination will also be removed. For this, awareness campaigns will be conducted at the global level. Kovid vaccine has now been administered to around 26 crore people in the country. The CoWIN digital platform was created for online registration, but many people are unable to register for the vaccine due to lack of smartphones or other issues.

The Health Ministry has said that it will no longer be mandatory to register for vaccination online and take an appointment to get the vaccine. The government says that the new decision will increase the speed of vaccination. Also people running away from vaccination will also join this process. There is still hesitation, fear and confusion about vaccination in many rural areas of the country. The central government has prepared a Kovid-19 vaccine communication strategy for this.

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The video of an elderly woman hiding behind a drum had gone viral after seeing a team that had come to get the vaccine in an area of ​​UP. At the same time, in a report from Madhya Pradesh, there have been reports of running away from the vaccine in rural and tribal areas. The pace of vaccination is very slow even in states like Tamil Nadu. Where the healthcare system is very good. But it is among the 5 worst performing states in terms of vaccination speed. Experts say that by vaccinating people in the age group of 18 to 44 years, economic and business activities can be easily resumed after the relaxation of the lockdown.

Less than 61 thousand Kovid cases were reported in India on Tuesday morning, this is the lowest number of corona cases in a day after 31 March. Corona cases have been less than one lakh for eight consecutive days. Experts have expressed the possibility that after going to the second wave peak of the corona virus, now it has started coming down.