India-China / Extremely difficult phase Jaishankars status check on India China relations

Zoom News : Aug 19, 2022, 07:29 AM
India-China : Even after several rounds of talks between India and China, no solution seems to be coming out. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has also directly pointed to this. He categorically said that the relations between the two countries are passing through a very difficult phase. He said that if these two countries do not come together then it will not be able to become the century of Asia. Jaishankar also justified importing oil from Russia and Myanmar's ties with the junta.

Speaking at the Chulalongko University in Thailand, he said that relations between India and China depend on how both countries fulfill their interests amicably. Recalling the words of Chinese leader Deng Xiaping, he said that Asia's century can happen only when India and China come together. He further said, the biggest question today is that in which direction are the relations between India and China going?

Jaishankar said, at this time the relations between the two countries are going through a very bad phase. The reason for this is the action of China on the border. Talking about the situation along the LAC in Ladakh, he said that China makes unilateral efforts to change the status quo. Because of this, relations between India and China have become very bad.

When there was a meeting between Jaishankar and the Chinese Foreign Minister, it was expected that the relations are improving gradually. However, here Jaishankar said that till the tension on the border does not ease and peace is not established, the relations between the two countries cannot be good.

On the other hand, when Jaishankar was asked about importing oil from Russia, he said, "It is a very tough decision." There is no restriction on the import of oil. And it is not only us who are importing oil from Russia, there are many countries in this chain. He said that we have to take decisions keeping in mind the interests of the people of our country.