Technical / Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Start To Return Online Again

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2021, 05:51 AM
Technical | Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down: Social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp have started working again after being down for more than six hours. The website of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp has been restored again. Although the site is still slow. The company says that it may take some more time for this problem to be completely fixed.

Facebook said on Twitter, 'We are sorry. People and businesses around the world depend on us. We are working hard to fully restore our apps and services. We are happy to announce that they are back online again. Thank you for staying with us.' While tweeting from Instagram, it was said, 'Instagram is slowly but surely coming back now. Thank you for staying with us and sorry for making us wait.'

Actually, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp were down in all the countries of the world including India at around 9.15 pm on Monday night. According to Indian time, the service of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp resumed at around four in the morning on Tuesday. That is, the service was disrupted for more than six hours. However, it is not yet known why Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp remained down for so many hours.

Twitter also down

On Monday night, the service of social media platform Twitter was also down for some time, due to which people had to face problems. When the sites of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were completely closed, then all the users started turning to Twitter. More than the limit people shared their problems on Twitter and there was a flood of memes.

Twitter said in a tweet, "Sometimes more people use Twitter than usual. We prepare for times like these, but this time things were not as planned. May be in you Some people may have had problems with replying and viewing messages. This problem is now over. Sorry for the inconvenience."