Business / After meta facebook twitter and microsoft now amazon starts firing employees detail is here

Zoom News : Nov 11, 2022, 04:20 PM
Business | After the announcement of massive layoffs by Facebook's parent company Meta, now Amazon has also started firing employees. According to a Business Today report, software engineer Jamie Zhang, who worked in e-commerce company Amazon, has claimed in a LinkedIn post that he has been fired from the company.

Robotics team layoff: Apart from this, a post by a former Amazon employee also said that the entire robotics team was given a pink slip. The company's robotics division employs at least 3766 people, according to LinkedIn data. If the claims made by the former employee are to be believed, then the company has fired more than 3500 employees.

Let us tell you that the company had announced the hiring freeze only last week. Last week, Amazon told in an internal mail that the company would introduce a hiring freeze due to the macroeconomic environment. According to Beth Galetti, senior vice president of People Experience and Technology at the company, the hiring freeze will last for a few months.

"We expect to maintain this stagnation for the next few months," he said. However, despite the hiring freeze, the company will hire new employees for some projects as well as make replacements for employees who have left the company voluntarily.

Let us know that Meta has announced a reduction of 13 percent or 11,000 people in its global workforce. Apart from this, Twitter and Microsoft have also done massive layoffs.