Social Media Down / Facebook-Instagram Down For Second Time In A Week, Company Apologizes To Users

Zoom News : Oct 09, 2021, 07:21 AM
Social Media Down : The service of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram went down for the second time in a week. Facebook and Instagram were shut down for some time due to server down. Due to which many users had to face problems. However, now the service has been restored. Earlier, during Sunday-Monday (between October 3 and 4), the servers of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down for about six hours.

Facebook said forgive us. Some people are having trouble accessing our apps and website. We are sorry if you are unable to use our service. We know how dependent you are on us to communicate with each other. Now we have solved the problem. Thanks again for being patient this time too.

At the same time, Instagram said in its statement that we are sorry. Some of you might be having some problem using Instagram right now. we are so sorry. For now, things have settled down and everything should be back to normal. Thank you for cooperating with us.

Let us tell you, along with Facebook, there is a large number of users on its other social media platforms in India. According to government data shared earlier this year, India has 53 million WhatsApp users, 410 million Facebook users and 210 million Instagram users.