Farmers Protest / Farmers prepare to march to Delhi with full preparation, traffic advisory for NCR people

Zoom News : Feb 21, 2024, 08:23 AM
Farmers Protest: Farmers are preparing to march to Delhi again today. After the failure of the fourth round of talks between the farmers' organizations agitating for their demands and the government, the farmers' organizations standing on the border of the national capital are once again leaving for Delhi today, while due to this movement, the fort of Delhi has been closed. Has been given. Seeing the preparedness of the farmers, the police-administration is completely alert. This time the farmers have made special preparations to break the barricades and avoid the use of force by the police. Farmers have reached Shambhu border with big machines. Farmer organizations will march to Delhi from Shambhu Border and Khanauli Border today.

Noida Police traffic advisory

Instructions to stop movement of JCB, Poplane machines

DGP of Punjab Police has directed IG and SSP of Patiala Range to stop the movement of JCB and Poplane machines at Shambhu and Khannauri border. In fact, the DGP of Haryana Police had written a letter to the DGP of Punjab Police asking them not to allow the machines to be collected from the protest site.

Our right to go to Delhi: Farmer leader

Sarwan Singh Pandher said that paramilitary forces are deployed in the villages of Haryana...What crime have we committed?...We have made you the Prime Minister. We never thought that the forces would persecute us like this...Please protect the Constitution and let us go towards Delhi peacefully. This is our right.

Home Ministry wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary of Punjab

It is being told that the Home Ministry has written a letter to the Chief Secretary of Punjab to take strict action against the miscreants. The farmers are still more than 200 kilometers away from Delhi, but Delhi Police on Tuesday conducted drills to ensure that they do not cross the barriers put up to prevent them from entering the national capital.

Government appealed for peace and dialogue

At the same time, the central government has appealed to the farmers for peace and talks. As a precautionary measure, the administration has fortified the entire border and taken all measures to stop the farmers. The Home Ministry has adopted action mode on the matter. The Ministry has expressed its strong objection to the Punjab Government. Besides, internet, WhatsApp and Facebook have also been banned. In a letter sent to the Punjab government, the Union Home Ministry said that the deteriorating law and order situation in the state in the last few days is a matter of concern and has also asked for strict action against those breaking the law.

JCB and Poklane machine ordered

In view of this movement, Punjab to Delhi is on high alert. Farmers had announced yesterday that farmers organizations will again march to Delhi on Wednesday 21st February. Farmers told that they will leave from Shambhu border at 11 am today. However, Haryana Police has made concrete arrangements to stop the farmers. Along with the police, para military personnel have also been deployed on the border. Several layers of barricading have been done on the border.

This time, the farmers have brought Poklane machine and JCB with them to break the police barricades. In view of this, the Home Ministry has written a letter to the Punjab Government asking it to take action against those creating nuisance in the guise of farmers. On the other hand, the central government is still ready to talk to the farmers' organizations, but the farmers' organizations are adamant on going to Delhi.

14,000 people gathered on Punjab-Haryana border

According to sources, around 14,000 people along with 1,200 tractor-trolleys, 300 cars, 10 mini buses and small vehicles have gathered at the Punjab-Haryana border. The Home Ministry has said that as per reports prepared by central security agencies, around 14,000 people have been allowed to gather at the Shambhu Barrier on Rajpura-Ambala Road, including around 1,200 tractor-trolleys, 300 cars, 10 mini buses. and other small vehicles. Similarly, Punjab has allowed the gathering of around 4,500 people along with around 500 tractor-trolleys at the Dhabhi-Gujran barrier, it has been claimed.