Tobacco Products / Films showing the use of tobacco products - more tax on OTT platforms, demands of NCPCR chief

Zoom News : Jan 16, 2022, 07:20 PM
The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has demanded a higher tax on films and OTT programs showing tobacco products and their use. The chairman of the commission, Priyank Kanungo, has said that the easy availability of tobacco products is very harmful, especially for the youth. In such a situation, additional tax should also be imposed on tobacco products and media showing their use.

Kanungo said that by increasing the tax on tobacco products, not only will it be out of reach of the people, but also taxing films showing their use and OTT will give more revenue to the government. He suggested that the government could use this revenue for treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from tobacco related diseases.

The Chairman of NCPCR said that on the National Youth Week held from January 12 to 18, many experts called for India to be tobacco free. "The imposition of higher taxes will help curb the media that exaggerates and glorifies the use of tobacco," he said. He said that the NCPCR has urged the government to completely stop the tax levied on tobacco products and spend it on the rehabilitation of the people.