India / Five medicines including remdesivir turned out to be ineffective people were craving in the second wave of corona

Zoom News : Apr 02, 2022, 07:19 AM
New Delhi : During the second wave of Corona in the country, when there was an outcry everywhere. While people were ready to spend lakhs of rupees to buy medicines like Remdesivir, the results of a study on the effect of four drugs including Remdesivir showed that they did not benefit corona patients.

ICMR's Pune-based National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) studied the effects of five major drugs - remdesivir, hydrochloroquine (SCQ), lopinavir, ritonavir and interferon - on corona patients at 20-30 centers across the country. These medicines were being written for corona patients in those days. These antiviral drugs already existed and experts around the world had repurposed them for covid treatment, but there was no solid scientific basis behind it.

NARI's Chief Scientist Dr. Sheela Godbole said in a conversation with 'Hindustan' that in a study conducted on about one thousand corona patients, we came to the conclusion that these drugs are neither capable of saving the lives of the patients, nor can they make the disease serious. prevent it from happening. People taking these medicines were also reaching on ventilator.

Let us tell you that in the first and second wave of Corona, there was a huge sale of the above four medicines including Remdesivir, due to which there was a huge demand for them in the market. There was also heavy black marketing of some medicines including Remdesivir. Godbole said that these drugs do not prevent Kovid patients from going on ventilators and do not even save them from death, but even then it would not be accurate to say that they are absolutely useless. Medicines such as remdesivir may provide some benefit if given in the early stages of the disease. This was also observed in the study and the results were conveyed to the government.

Actually, Remdesivir was being given to serious patients and that too in the last phase. Similarly, there was no clear protocol for the rest of the medicines in the initial phase. But later after the NARI report came, the government removed these drugs from the protocol of corona treatment. And recognized only as auxiliary drugs. Therefore, during the third wave, there was no demand for them in the market.