Viral News / Food delivery boy arrested, police officer himself delivered food to woman's house

Zoom News : Jul 12, 2021, 07:08 AM
Usually, when the policemen knock on a house and ask to open the door, people get scared thinking that now they are going to get into some legal trouble. But a woman in America was surprised when her online ordered food arrived at the gate with a police officer instead of a delivery boy.

Actually the woman had ordered food online from a restaurant. When the delivery boy was coming with his food, the police arrested him for some crime at the traffic stop.

However, the police realized after this that the woman who had ordered the food must have been waiting for the delivery boy at home. After this, the police officer Tyler Williams took his address from the delivery boy and rose from his duty and went to the woman's house to personally deliver it with a packet of food.

In footage shared by the police department, Williams looked confused when she saw the female police officer opening the door as she knocked on the door.

In the video, the officer is heard telling the woman that you don't need to worry. are you sherry? Your delivery boy has been arrested so I have brought your food to you.'

The woman was at first surprised at this behavior of the police officer, but then after hearing the whole thing, she was relieved and laughed with the officer while thanking him for giving food.

However, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Earlier in 2020, a police officer in the UK delivered a customer's kebab order to his home after a food deliveryman was arrested.