Eid al-Fitr / For the first time Namaz was not held on the road in Aligarh, obeyed the order of the Yogi government

Zoom News : Jun 29, 2023, 12:22 PM
Eid al-Fitr: Eid prayers were offered at many places in Aligarh today, in which a large number of people gathered at Idgah in Shahzamal and Jama Masjid at Uparkot. But this happened for the first time when Namaz was not offered on the road today. The police had made adequate arrangements regarding this. The City Mufti had also appealed to the people not to offer Namaz on the road. The police today put all the worshipers inside the mosque and did not allow anyone to offer namaz on the road. The police had also parked their vehicles on the road in such a way that the worshipers did not assemble there. In view of the huge crowd, Namaz was offered in two shifts today in Aligarh. For this, the administration had earlier informed the local people that in which shift Namaz would be offered in which locality so that people do not face any problem.

Police strictly followed the orders of the government

Aligarh's Additional District Magistrate Amit Kumar Bhatt said that this arrangement was done with the cooperation of the police administration, the people of Idgah Committee and with the appeal of Mufti Sahab. In the new arrangement, Namaz has been conducted in two shifts in its Idgah and in two shifts as you can see that enough people have been told locality wise that the people of this locality will come in the first shift and those here will come in the second shift. The effect of those appeals was that everyone's cooperation was received. There was dialogue among themselves and the positive effect of that is that today there was no Namaz on the road and all the people performed Eid Namaz with great love.

Aligarh's SP City Kuldeep Gunawat told that the festival of Eid has been celebrated today. In this context, extensive preparations were made by the police administration. Peace committee meeting was held. Taking all the people along, it was told that everyone has voluntarily followed the guidelines of the government. Today Namaz has been offered as per the guidelines. At the same time, the festival has been celebrated peacefully and in a safe environment. In this regard, the police force was deployed while implementing the sector scheme. In view of this, today the festival has concluded safely and in harmony.

What did the worshipers say?

The Namazis said, “The way the Namaz was performed at the Idgah today, the police had a very good arrangement. Prayers have been done in two times. One was at 6:30 in the morning and the other at 7:15. Namaz was not done on the road, it was done inside the mosques. We are making festivals everywhere in a good way.