Eid al-Adha / Today the festival of Bakrid is being celebrated across the country, where is Namaz and where is sacrifice? Read

Zoom News : Jun 29, 2023, 06:53 AM
Eid al-Adha: The festival of Eid ul Azha is being celebrated with enthusiasm across the country today. Preparations for Namaz have been completed in the mosques. Prayers have also started gathering at many places. Special arrangements have been made in UP for Bakrid prayers. On this occasion, the police is also alert to crack down on those who spread anarchy. Along with this, the police has issued guidelines saying that Namaz should not be read on the road. Namaz will be read only at the designated place, if Namaz is read on the road then FIR can be lodged. Also, clear instructions have been given for the sacrifice. The UP police has said that the sacrifices should be done only at the places designated for the sacrifice. Regarding the sacrifice, the police have said that no such animal should be sacrificed which hurts someone's religious sentiments.

How is the preparation for the festival from UP to Bihar?

Today, Eid-ul-Zuha, the festival of sacrifice, is being celebrated with full enthusiasm. Namaz has already started in some places, while in some mosques the time for Namaz is fixed till 8 am. In UP, CM Yogi Adityanath has made concrete arrangements so that the festival of Eid is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Tight security arrangements have been made to avoid any disturbance. The UP Police has also issued Bakrid guidelines in all the districts. People have been told that-

  • Do not start any new tradition on the occasion of Bakrid.
  • Do not offer Namaz sitting on the road, Namaz should be held only in mosques.
  • An FIR can be lodged if Namaz is read on the road.
  • There should be no sacrifice in public places, the sacrifice should be done only at those places which have been decided by the administration.
  • No such animal should be sacrificed which hurts the sentiments of other class.
Special vigilance regarding the sacrifice of banned animals

Police is ready. Apart from the police force, 238 companies of PAC, 3 companies of SDRF, 7 companies of CRPF and seven and a half thousand trainee inspectors have been put on duty in the entire UP. Muslim religious leaders have appealed to the mosques not to offer Namaz on the roads. Police is also using drones to keep an eye on the situation. Special vigilance is being exercised regarding the sacrifice of banned animals.

Namaz will be offered in the presence of CM Nitish

If the preparations are in full swing in UP, then Namaz will be offered at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will also be present during the prayers to be held at Gandhi Maidan. Along with UP and Bihar, alertness is being exercised at sensitive places in the entire country so that no mischievous element gets a chance to create chaos.