Business / Google layoff trend in 2022 company will say goodbye to 10k low performing employees

Zoom News : Nov 22, 2022, 10:11 PM
Google layoff 2022: After Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, now Google is also planning to lay off employees. Due to the ongoing worldwide recession, many companies have laid off employees till now. The names of world's leading companies have also been involved in retrenchment of employees.

10,000 employees will be out

According to a report, Google's parent company Alphabet will also now show the way out to non-performing employees. The company has made a list of 10,000 employees. This is only 6 percent of the employees working in Google.

A special performance rating system has been created

According to the report of The Information, Google has created a special performance rating system to see the performance of its employees, under which the performance of the employees will be measured. Employees will be fired on the basis of this system.

Manager can also refuse to give bonus and stock

This new performance rating system will be available to the managers of the employees by the beginning of the new year. After this, the manager will show the way out to all the non-performing employees by giving ratings accordingly. Along with this, his manager can also refuse to give him bonus and stock.

How many are the total employees now?

Please tell that no official information has been given by the company about this yet. The total number of employees in the company at present is 1,87,000. At the same time, the company has earned a net profit of $ 13.9 billion in the September quarter.